Norwegian Environment Agency: Some disinfectants have no documented effect against coronavirus

Hand sanitizerPhoto: Kelly Sikkema / Unsplash

Several disinfectants sold during the coronavirus crisis do not have documented protective effects against the virus, the Norwegian Environment Agency’s summer controls showed.

Several of them are also illegal to sell, the Agency said in a press release in July.

A total of 17 companies – importers, manufacturers, and distributors of disinfectants – have been controlled by the Agency. 

Additionally, online shops selling disinfectants have also undergone checks.

The findings showed that seven companies sold disinfectants with illegal hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, and copper compounds. 

Several have also claimed that the disinfectants are “natural” or “environmentally friendly” – which is not allowed.

Illegal products

“We have instructed businesses to stop selling illegal products,” Mathieu Veulemans, Section Director at the Environment Agency, stated at the time.

He also pointed out that several disinfectants that kill bacteria do not necessarily remove the virus. 

The Environment Agency advises people to choose alcohol-based disinfectants.

“Disinfectants that don’t work give consumers a false sense of security. It is important that the companies take their responsibility seriously and ensure that the products are safe and effective,” Veulemans warned.

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful information most people might not access this wonderful Norway today News l guess if there could be a way samples of disinfectants ON this media or TV or every shop to have pics of the good ones this might HELP ALOT to choose what is recomended thank you very much.

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