Norwegian Health Directorate: We recommended new corona measures to the government

Bjørn GuldvogPhoto: Berit Roald / NTB

Health director Bjørn Guldvog says it is proportionate to introduce entry measures now, despite opposition in the WHO. Multiple measures have been recommended to the government.

Guldvog confirmed that the Norwegian Directorate of Health had recommended new measures to the government on Friday. 

“We have given our recommendations to the government, also about other measures,” Guldvog told NTB.

For the moment, it is clear that a quarantine obligation will be introduced for all visitors from eight countries in South Africa, despite advice from the World Health Organization to wait with such measures. 

The measure is proportionate as the situation is now, Guldvog believes.

Quarantine hotels

Everyone from the aforementioned countries, including the fully vaccinated, must be quarantined in hotels on arrival in Norway, and direct flights from the countries will be banned.

“Throughout the pandemic, we have made national assessments, and in this situation, we are also well-coordinated with the EU and other countries in Europe,” Guldvog said.

“We understand the WHO’s view of having limited entry restrictions, and in Norway, we are not reintroducing entry restrictions. It will not be forbidden to come to Norway from these countries, but we recommend that the entry quarantine be reintroduced,” he said.

He believes it is a proportionate measure to introduce, despite little information about the new virus variant so far.

“It is important not to expose the population to a high immediate risk in such situations. The purpose is not to completely prevent new virus variants from entering the country – that is practically impossible. Still, the purpose is to delay the introduction of new virus variants, which means that we can implement targeted measures if necessary,” Guldvog noted.

The National Institute of Public Health (FHI) also believes that the measures Norway is introducing are within the scope of action provided by the WHO.

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