Norwegian ‘Kraftkar’ is the world’s best cheese

Gunnar WaagenGunnar Waagen.Tingvollost.Photo : Privat / NTB scanpix

The Norwegian cheese producer, Tingvollost, on Wednesday won a surprise World Championship title for its blue cheese, Kraftkar.

The local cheese producer (from Torjulvågen in Nordmøre) outshone all competitors amongst international dairies when on Wednesday night they were named the producers of the world’s best cheese.

The 29th World Cheese Awards are held in the Spanish city of San Sebastian. The Norwegian blue cheese beat two Spanish cheeses in the final heats of the competition.

‘Gårdsmeieriet in Torjulvågen has beaten famous brands like Roquefort and Stilton and many others’, reported local newspaper Tidens Krav.

‘This is unbelievable. We have received several awards for many of our cheeses, but to smash the world elite is something you only dream about but never dare believe will actually happen’, said the easily flustered manager Egil Smith-Meyer.

The Nordmøre cheese was the favorite among the 266 judges from 26 different countries who assessed 3021 cheeses from 31 different countries.

Kraftkar cheese has previously won major international cheese competitions, including receiving gold medals at the World Cheese Awards in 2011, and the International Cheese Awards in 2013.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today