Norwegian police contributed in action that caught a Polish drug network

PolicePolice.Photo: Norway Today Media

With the assistance of seizures from the Norwegian police, Europol has broken a Polish drug network that is behind extensive smuggling in to Norway and several other European countries.

The extensive operation that has been named “Burza” has been a collaboration between the Polish police, and the police in Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden, it says in a press release from Europol.

In addition, customs authorities in the countries have worked together on this case for three years.

13 people have been arrested, and the police have stopped the smuggling nearly 800 kilos of hashish and 50 kilos of cocaine.

Since 2013, the criminal network has smuggled around four tonnes of cocaine, hashish and marijuana from Spain and Italy to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Latvia, Poland, the UK and Germany.

According to Europol, this includes 390 kilograms of hashish in Norway.

To Dagbladet, Tolletaten confirms that they have seized the Polish network. One of the seizures was made on May 9, 2017, when customs officers found 247 kilos of hash in the rear wall of the trailer to a Polish-registered semi-trailer. The seizure was considered to have a street value of around NOK 25 million.

In Norway, the Eastern Police District has been investigating the case.

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