Ødegaard in a hurry

Martin ØdegaardMartin Ødegaard.Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum / NTB scanpix

Martin Ødegaard laid the corner as the Norwegians scored 3-3 against Sweden. He was happy for the breakthrough under Lars Lagerbäck.

On Tuesday, he made the pass that eventually ended up on Ola Kamara’s head in overtime. It gave 3-3 against Sweden.

Norway gave up a 2-0 lead.

‘’I didn’t think of anything other than getting the ball in as fast as possible’’ said Ødegaard.

He played from the start against Spain but was taken out for a good period after 55 minutes. On Tuesday he played for 90 minutes against Sweden in a demanding game.

Ødegaard has used March to join the team.

‘’Everyone wants to represent Norway. It is one of the biggest things you can do as a football player in Norway. For me personally, it has been great and cool to experience two games in the qualification. We would have liked a victory today (against Sweden) to top it off’’ Ødegaard told NTB news.


‘’I think Spain will be tough. They are better than the rest. We must all acknowledge that.With Sweden, Romania and us it is very smooth I think. But today we showed that we are as good or better than Sweden for long periods’’ said Ødegaard.

The two best in the pool qualify for the European Championship next year. Should Norway end up from number three and down, it will created an
extra chance in the national league.

The EM qualification continues for Norway’s part at home against Romania on the 7th June. Three days later, the Faroes are waiting.

Ødegaard is loaned from Real Madrid to Vitesse. Spanish football experts believe the Norwegian’s future in the Spanish club will be settled in the

Ødegaard’s message is that ‘’I feel that I have taken a few steps this season’’ he said.

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