The European Parliament will end daylight savings time


A majority in the EU Parliament agrees to discontinue the scheme by setting the clock back and forth an hour every six months from 2021. The EU member states will decide the way forward.

However, the decision does not mean that the case has been closed. The EU Council of Ministers must first agree on a common point of view before the final negotiations can start, a work that is not yet underway.

The EU Parliament’s decision states that it should be up to the member states themselves to decide whether they want to proceed with daylight savings time or normal time (popularly called winter time). Norway has traditionally followed the time with the EU. This means that the system of setting the clock back and forth can be settled in a few years, even here at home.

A patch on the wound with lighter evenings

Member States must notify the EU Commission of their elections by April next year so that all countries’ decisions are coordinated before the scheme comes into force in 2021.

This means that you still have to set the clock next Sunday, March 31st.

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