Norwegian Progress Party wants to make it impossible to get asylum in Norway

Sylvi ListhaugPhoto: Lise Åserud / NTB

The Progress Party’s (FRP) leading politicians, Sylvi Listhaug and Jon Helgheim, want to make it impossible for people to obtain residence status by applying for asylum in Norway.

“Europe must tell asylum seekers: If you reach the border, you will not be granted residence,” FRP’s Jon Helgheim and Sylvi Listhaug told newspaper Aftenposten.

“That is what we will literally put in our program,” the two said.

Listhaug heads the FRP’s immigration committee and Jon Helgheim is the party’s immigration policy spokesman.

According to the program proposal, which they believe “will put an end to drownings and trafficking across the Mediterranean, through which human traffickers make a lot of money,” only a limited number of quota refugees should be allowed to stay in Norway.

No residence

Asylum seekers who arrive at the Norwegian border will have their application processed, but will not be granted residence in Norway – even if their application is granted.

“If you need protection, then you should get protection in a third country. The Refugee Convention states that you should not send anyone back to where they are being persecuted or sentenced to death,” they added.

However, they believe that the right to asylum must be retained.

“The only thing the Refugee Convention says is that you have the right to apply for asylum.

People must be allowed to do so. It says nothing about where you should have the right to be when you wait for the processing (of the request), and it says nothing about the outcome,” Helgheim concluded.

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  1. The day you will die, you will go to the grave with your Norway. See how wicked a human being can be against asylum seekers. Life is vanity upon vanity

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