Norwegians want foreign policy to be a major theme in the elections

Foreign Policy, Defence and security; Photo: PixabayForeign Policy, Defence and security; Photo: Pixabay

Foreign policy, defence and security

Three out of four Norwegians believe that the issues foreign policy, defence and security have be major themes in the upcoming elections, according to a new survey.


The poll was conducted by surveyors Norstat on behalf of the Norwegian Peace Council (Norges Fredsråd) in March.

More than three quarters of the participants answered yes to the question “Do you feel that questions regarding Norwegian foreign policy, defence and security are important and something the political parties should focus on the election campaign?”

– These topics have for a long time been conspicuously absent in Norwegian election campaigns.

Politicians state that most people do not give a damn about these matters, but are proven wrong by this poll, according to CEO of the Norwegian Peace Council, Hedda Langemyr.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today