One confirmed dead in a small plane crash in Oppland

Small plane crashedSør-Aurdal, Oppland 20170802. Et småfly har styrtet i en fjellvegg i Sør-Aurdal kommune tirsdag kveld. Politihelikopter letter fra Vassfaret ca fem kilometer fra ulykkesstedet i Nordre Dyttholknatten. Redningsarbeidet fortsetter onsdag morgen. Foto: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

One person is dead after a small airplane (2 seater) crashed into a mountain side in Sør Aurdal, Oppland. The body can not be transported out until Wednesday due to darkness and steep terrain.


The police were notified of the accident at 21.15, Tuesday evening. NTB’s photographer on site says police and rescue personnel have set up a meeting point in Vassfaret, about five kilometers from the crash site in Nordre Dyttholknatten. Search and rescue resources, like a police helicopter, an air ambulance and a rescue helicopter were all in the area to get an overview of the crash site.

The police have said in a press release at 01.15 that they believe there was only one person on board the plane. The accident site is in steep terrain and therefore had to stop the search for the night. “The police have not identified the person and are looking to notify the next of kin,” they state.

The plane belongs to a flying club in eastern Norway which crashed   into the side of a mountain at Dyttholknatten which is located in  Vassfaret. The wreckage from the plane is spread over an area of 200 by 200 meters, reports the police. According to NRK, no distress signal was sent from the aircraft.

The police at site tell NRK that the helicopter crew had to land and go on foot to the crash site.  There they found one person who was dead. That person has not been retrieved because of such steep and demanding terrain, it would be irresponsible to do tonight. There are also fears of land slides in the area.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today