One in five worried about polluted air

polluted airAir pollution.Photo:

20 percent of all Norwegians say they are concerned about air quality outdoors, a new study shows.

The survey done by the agency M3 commissioned for Blueair, also shows that almost as many are afraid of the consequences the air has to their health, writes NRK news.
– That we can understand. We can see from the figures that mortality increases. We know that high air pollution is dangerous, especially for vulnerable groups.
And unfortunately it’s dangerous for our children who are moving closer to the ground, says Frode Jahren, Secretary General of Norwegian Heart and Lung Association (LHL).
Just under seven out of ten experience allergy-like symptoms when they are outdoors, according to the survey, and 40 percent experience symptoms of asthma or lung disease.
In winter, southern and eastern Norway has been affected by poor air quality – and we are most likely to experience poor air quality in Oslo and Akershus. Every year, 185 people in Oslo die prematurely from air pollution.
Bergen, Trondheim and Tromsø have also experienced high air pollution this winter.
On Tuesday the temporary driving ban for diesel vehicles at Oslo’s municipal roads began.
The reason for the decision by the City of Oslo was that the air in Oslo was so polluted that it could endanger the health of residents in the city. The diesel prohibition lasted from 6am to 6pm.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today