One in three with an immigrant background in Oslo

Citizen ceremony in NorwayOslo:Citizen sermoni.All singing the Norwegian national anthem.Photo: Norway Today Media

Oslo had the largest population of immigrants and Norwegian-born to immigrant parents, both in relative terms and absolute figures.

Of Oslo’s 666 800 inhabitants, 166 400 were immigrants and 50 900 were Norwegian-born to immigrant parents as per 1 January 2016. These two figures combined constitute 33 per cent of the capital’s entire population. The proportions in Båtsfjord and Drammen were also high, with 29 and 28 per cent respectively.

All suburbs in Oslo were above the national average of 16.8 per cent. The suburbs with the highest proportions of persons with an immigrant background were Stovner, Søndre Nordstrand and Alna, with over 50 per cent.


Source: SSB / Norway Today