Only half are using the Coronavirus infection app actively

appFHI new app «Smittestopp»: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

The Public Health Institute’s app Smittestopp has been downloaded by 1.5 million Norwegians, but only 750,000 use it.

The National Institute of Public Health would like to see that the number of active users was higher, but still believes it is a good start, according to NRK.

– “We have not really set an exact target, we have said something like just over half the population should download it and use it, but we are very confident that the more people use it, the better, and that we also benefit from a lower proportion,” says acting assistant director Gun Peggy Knudsen.

Northern Norway has by far the fewest users. Here, one in five has downloaded the app. In Tromsø, which is one of three test municipalities, only 17,000 of the city’s 77,000 inhabitants are active users.

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