Oslo forests full on sunny Good Friday

SognsvannOslo.Sognsvann .Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Oslo people went out into the nearby nature on Friday, in crowds, and received praise for remembering both corona and campfire rules. But some forgot.

“Considering that there are so many people out now, most people are very good. Then there are a few who make work for us,” says acting guard commander Sebastian Winge of the Oslo Fire and Rescue Service, to NTB.

Despite the positive tone, it is still a little frustrating that some have not realized that there is a great forest fire danger in Eastern Norway:

“We would again urge caution when using open fire out in nature. Be careful!” wrote the fire department on Twitter on Friday afternoon.

On thin ice
On Thursday, crowds were reported at the popular excursion spots. Motorists, in particular, created problems. It was crowded in the parking lots, and people parked cars along the roads, making it difficult for fire trucks to arrive.

Winge is particularly concerned about this when it comes to messages about people falling through the ice.

“The ice is starting to melt into all the small streams around. If someone is out on the ice and falls through, we do not have time to wait for cars standing in the way,” he says.

People are complying
Both the fire department and the City of Oslo have had people out on Friday to remind people of both parking rules and corona rules.

“It’s a challenge, there’s a lot of people who want to go out. But people are very good, I would emphasize. Everyone wants to contribute and follow advice,” says Richard Kongsteien, Head of Communications at the Agency for Urban Environment (Bymiljøetaten).

Kongsteien was even out walking in the fine weather when NTB called him on Friday, and he will not admonish other city people who do the same – although he himself says he has followed the advice to leave the car at home.

“We think it’s brilliant that people use our beautiful land in that way,” he says, and provides a tip to avoid the crowds:

“You don’t need to go very far away from the main roads until you are completely alone.”

The municipality of Oslo tripled the number of patrols at the parking lots on Friday.

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