Oslo municipality fined after woman starved to death

Oslo City Hall, Oslo municipality finedOslo City Hall.Photo: Norway Today Media

Oslo municipality fined after woman starved to death in her apartment

Oslo municipality fined NOK 1.5 million. The background is for failing to provide proper health care for a woman (63) who died of under-nourishment. That is NOK 500,000 less than the original claim made by the prosecution.


– This is both a tragic and serious matter. Not least because we are talking about an offense that lasted for more than eight months. from January 2015 until the woman died in september.

– The size of the fined fine reflects this, says Police Attorney, Tone Bysting. She is the prosecutor in the case.


The 63-year-old woman was diagnosed with dementia in 2014. She was nevertheless transferred from Madserud Nursing Home to her own home in Oslo in January 2015.

Despite several concern reports about the condition, the woman did not receive adequate follow-up and health care when she stayed at home. The woman was found dead in her residence in August 2015.

36 kilogrammes

– The woman died of heart failure in combination with under-nourishment, depression and weighed a mere 36 kilos at the time of autopsy.

It is about 30 kilos less than she weighed one year before she died. The fact that she died as a result of the lack of follow-up, makes the case even more aggravated and tragic, the verdict states.

Value for money?

The municipality of Oslo was subjected to a NOK 2 million fine on August 8 last year. The municipality acknowledged guilt, but contested the size of the fine.

The question remains whether the additional resources spent justifies the result.


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