Oslo’s first bus route with driverless bus opened

driverless busOslo.Driverless bus.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

In rainy weather, Oslo’s newest bus route 35 was opened on Monday. The special thing about the route is that it is operated by a driverless bus.

In addition, the bus route is relatively short, it runs from Kontraskjæret via Skur 35 and up to Vippetangen, a stretch of a few hundred meters.

The historic opening was made by Oslo’s Mayor, Marianne Borgen of Sosialistisk Venstreparti (SV) on Monday afternoon.

The self-driven buses are electric. They have seating for 11 passengers on board, and passengers use the regular Ruter ticket system.

Last year, self-driven buses were tested at Fornebu when the buses transported passengers free of charge from Fornebu S and up to Storøyodden.

The new bus route 35 in Oslo is also a trial project, and although the buses are self-driven, there is a host on board who will provide service and assistance to the passengers, and take over the control of the bus if something should cut out.

The buses used are the model, Arma, provided by NAVYA.

A little later this summer the offer will be expanded with a bus route that goes from Malmøya via Ormøya and out to Mosseveien. The stops be the same as those used by the 85 bus, and the bus route will receive the route number 85B.

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