Party leader reports threats

Makvan KasheikalThe leader of the Democrats in Norway, Makvan Kasheikal

The leader of the Democrats, Makvan Kasheikal, has met the Police Security Service to assess his own risk. He received many threats after commenting on Anders Behring Breivik, and the terrorist attack on Utøya, and he has reported the case.

The party leader, who lives in Kristiansand, said the threats came from people in southern Norway, and from other parts of the country.

He takes a case that was first mentioned in VG newspaper, very seriously.

‘I’m so serious that I’ve been in contact with the police. Given the nature of the threats, I have also chosen to report them’, Kasheikal said to NRK news.

According to Kasheikal, some of the threats are racist, while others are threats of violence.

The threats came after Kasheikal did an interview with VG newspaper, and commented on the terrorist attack on Utøya. Among other things, he said that if it had been up to him, Breivik should have been shot and killed.

When asked, ’what do you think with hindsight about what you said?’, Kasheikal responded that, ‘I thought that if there had been more operational officials, and the police had reached Utøya earlier, they could have saved lives by shooting or harming Breivik,
which is common practice for terrorist attacks in many other countries.’

He pointed out that he was talking about shooting the terrorist in the midst of the act itself, and that he was not advocating a death penalty.

According to VG newspaper, Kasheikal has received ‘hundreds’ of threats.

So as long as the case is under investigation, Kasheikal himself will not say anything about how many of them are so serious that they have been notified to the police.


Source: / Norway Today