Pension Owner accused of pimping

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Pension Owner accused of pimping in Sandnes

Several men who are fined for buying sexual services at a guest house in Sandnes, risk having to testify against the proprietor who is accused of pimping.


On March 6 the police took action against the small guesthouse in Sandnes. Prior to that, dozens of people have been fined for buying sexual services from women who lived at the guest house, writes Stavanger Aftenblad.

The proprietor is charged with pimping, but does not acknowledge culpability.

Absolutely terrible

– To be accused of pimping is absolutely terrible. Moreover, the situation is completely hopeless. Those who want to rent a room come here and pay in advance. I can not reject people neither because of their skin colour nor religion. What am I to do? Should I ask women who are dark-skinned, whether they intend to engage in prostitution? Would that not be a bit wrong? Would that not even have been considered racist, says the accused man to the newspaper.

The indictment is taken out by Attorney General Nina Grande. It states that the proprietor knew that the women were selling sex from their rooms. In Norway, it is punishable to facilitate the sale of sexual services.

The trial is not yet scheduled before the Jæren District Court.


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