Norwegian Airline receives most complaints from passengers

The airline NorwegianThe airline Norwegian.Photo: Norway Today Media

Last year, Norwegian had four times as many cases in the Transport Appeals Committee as SAS, their main competitor.


Complaints against Bjørn Kjos’ Norwegian Airline which came to the Transport Appeals Committee for Airplanes, increased from 50 to 305 in 2017, according to Dagens Næringsliv newspaper. The number of cases sustained increased from 14 to 69.

So far this year, the board has received 61 complaints against the company.

In contrast, 36 complaints have been received against SAS.

“It’s not unnatural that the biggest airline in Norway has the most complaints,but we are still not pleased that our share is so big,” said communications manager, Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen of Norwegian.

Most of the complaints dealt with delays and cancellations. Around one of four Norwegian departures were not on route, according to a summary the newspaper has made for the past four months.

Sandaker said the company pays compensation to those who are entitled to it,and last year the company paid hundreds of millions of kroners to passengers affected by long delays or cancellations.

The Air Transport Appeals Committee confirmed an increase in the number of complaints in general. By 2017, they received 2,714 complaints, an increase of  over 600 cases from the previous year. Norwegian accounted for almost half of the cases that were treated for air transport, according to ‘Norsk Reiselivsforum.’


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  1. As I found out after getting left in Geneva for 9 hours they are really not bothered about complaints.

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