Police licensed for control

Police car machete Dead woman Torp AirportPolice car.Photo: Norway Today Media.

A police car was stopped Wednesday morning in a major control  check on E18 in Grimstad.

The inspection revealed that the car was not endorsed by the EU, and the licence plates were cut on site.

– The car had its plates removed due to lack of EU approval. It should have been approved by the EU in September 2015, said control manager Gulleik Vatn Bryn of Statens Vegvesen to the newspaper Agderposten.

Greater control on E18 was conducted with crews from both Statens Vegvesen, customs and police. It was Statens Vegvesen’s automatic plate reader, which revealed the problem.

– I did not under any circumstances let a car that was not endorsed by the EU, continued driving. The rules are the same for everyone, says inspector Reidar Bjerland.

A police car (with EU papers in order) was sent from Kristiansand to collect the police equipment in the car and return back to the police station.

– Here we must sadly admit that we made a mistake, a mistake that certainly should have been done, says section leader at Kristiansand police, Dag Tallaksen. He admits that the incident is embarrassing.

– This is embarrassing for us. Really embarrassing. There has been a routine failure here in connection with EU control on this car. It should of course have never happened and now we need to have a review of our procedures, says Tallaksen.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today