Politicians in Lærdal want to give back money from their electricity income to inhabitants

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Due to high electricity prices, the Municipal Council in Lærdal wants to give back some of its electricity income to the inhabitants – NOK 1,000 to each inhabitant, to be precise.

“It leaves a bad taste in our moth to earn good money (note: due to high electricity prices) before Christmas,” Lærdal Mayor Audun Mo (AP) told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

The municipality in Sogn has earned NOK 20 million from selling licensed power so far this year – twice as much as it had budgeted for, according to the newspaper Sogn Avis.

According to Mo, it is only “right and reasonable” that the Municipality gives some of it back to the inhabitants. Last Thursday, he presented the proposal to the Municipal Council. He wants to give all the Municipality’s inhabitants NOK 1,000 each. 

A family of five would thus receive NOK 5,000. The proposal will be considered after the Municipal Council takes a Christmas break. The municipalities of Luster, Bykle, Sirdal, and Valle are also considering similar measures.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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