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Prisons Suffer Smuggled Drugs

Ullersmo PrisonUllersmo Prison. Photo: Norway Today Media


The Norwegian Criminal Justice Directorate has released drug statistics during a period from 2010 to 2017; tallying an average of 800 illegal drug seizures within Norwegian prisons yearly: almost 6,000 seizures during the 7 years of statistics.


Speaking with Radio P4, Jan Erik Sandlie, Director of the Norwegian Correctional Service gave comment upon Norway’s prisons and the latest statistics of illegal drug seizures, saying; “Many of those in prison have a significant drug problem,and we have a big challenge with substance abuse within the prison system.’ –

“There are boundaries for control, and an important part of Norwegian criminal justice is allowing inmates leave; allowing worthy inmates uncontrolled visits and such. As long as a prison isn’t hermetically sealed, there’s an obvious risk of contraband entering the prison,” said Sandlie.

The Criminal Justice Directorate statistics indicate that illegal drug-seizure totals fluctuate from year to year, and the statistics don’t reveal the quantity of each drug seizure involved. However, the statistics do show that cannabis & amphetamines are the most common illegal drugs found during prison seizures.

Prison drug seizures also find medicines that were legally prescribed to an inmate, but then found in the possession of another.

Justice Director Sandlie reminds that drug enforcement within Norway’s prisons is an ongoing process, with the Justice Directorate striving to reach the difficult goal of maintaining a nation of safe, drug-free prisons.


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