Friday , 46-year-old heat records can be broken

Temperature gauge Temperature gauge.Photo: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

It has not been this hot in Norway for decades as when Nesbyen reached 35.7 degrees in 1970. Today, that may change as several weather recording stations inland may be hot candidates.


“Today will probably be the warmest day of the year in many places, and we will be close to breaking the records,” says the Meteorologist Institute to NTB, State Meteorologist Eldbjørg Moxnes.

“But we can not report the records quite yet,” she adds.

The state meteorologist is pretty sure some counties will set new records. The longest standing record was recorded in Oslo, it reached 35 degrees on July 21, 1901. But will the 107-year-old record be broken Friday, the meteorologist is uncertain.

– There is a reason why the record is so old. It’s hard to beat, she explains.

33.8 is the hottest temperature this year.
The warmest day of the year so far was recorded in Nedre Eggedal in Buskerud, which had 33.8 degrees. But if Buskerud sets the new record, Moxnes is not sure. Many places have a very hot day in store tomorrow.

“It can get very hot on the Swedish border and south of Hedmark. It will probably be an inland station that records the highest temperature. There are good candidates in many places,” said the meteorologist.

State Meteorologist Lars Andreas Felberg at Vervarslinga for Vestlandet believes that there will be a new record set in Bergen. The old record is 31.8 degrees and that was set during the drought of 1947.

“It is forecasted more than 32 degrees in Bergen,” says Felberg.

He does not think the county record for Hordaland will be beat. That is 34.1 degrees and was set in July 2014. However this particular station is no longer approved for temperature measurements.

Sola can hit new record
The county record for Rogaland is Sola and that was set at 33.5 degrees in August 1975.

“I think that can be beaten,” said the meteorologist, who believes it will be Sola that will set the possible new heat record in Norway.

As late as Wednesday last week, a new county record was set in Troms, when Bardufoss reached 33.5 degrees.

On Friday, however, it will not be as hot in the northern regions. Nordland may see 25-26 degrees, while the temperature in Troms and Finnmark will range between 20 and 25 degrees.



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