Proposes nikab ban in schools

Labor and the Progress party are fighting over who should have ownership over the proposal to ban full covering garments in schools and universities.

The issue of the burqa and nikab came up again in connection with the King’s speech and throne debate in Parliament on Tuesday.

Labour opened with presenting a proposal to ban veiling garments in schools, colleges and universities.

Labour leader Jonas Gahr Støre stressed in his speech that the party in general is against banning garments, but believes it is necessary to ban covering your face in teaching and learning situations.

– We suggest we arrive at an appropriate regulatory framework that is the same throughout the country, said the leader and added that he hopes FRP finds reason to support the proposal.

Parliamentary leader Harald Tom Nesvik would soon deliver a similar proposal from the Progress party.

He pointed out that the party would like to have seen that it became forbidden to use veiling and covering garments in any public place, but that they had to recognize that there is no majority support for such a proposal.

– There seems to be a majority for taking a step further.It is a delight for me and FRP that Labour now has reversed (their position) , said Nesvik.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today



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  1. Religious freedom is liberty privately to believe what you wish, but it is NOT license to afflict others—nikab etc are not attire merely, they are costume of a religion (they make a religious statement), and such regalia is proper legally to control according to local social culture…we accept small religious symbols but we do not permit folks to go about everywhere naked altho a christian cult did in the middle-ages.
    Indeed, we must draw a line to stop religions from exerting political power—obstinately behaving mindlessly according to habits of ancient ignorance is insulting to intelligence and the very urge to think. Sexism is manifest evil…expressing it publicly is a perverse attack vs our political/social values.
    We are actually obligated to try to free people from atavism.
    By the way, there are 65000000 refugees—norway should choose those who will likely benefit 5000000 norwegians and our descendants, and preserve and promote scandinavian culture…immigrants who insist on weird customs are not good prospects.

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