PST: Rogue Mercenary Deaths & Births

PST right-wing extremist terrorism spy indicted RussianNorwegian Police Security Service (PST) headquarters. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

A national threat assessment just released by the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) is spotlighting the status of Norwegian citizens participating illegally as ‘soldiers’ within Syria or Iraq.


March 4th, Martin Bernsen, senior adviser, PST, told Nettavisen: ‘Of the 100 men & women who’ve gone to Syria/Iraq from Norway, we surmise 30 as possibly dead,40 returned home to Norway, and perhaps 30 having an unclear status. Of the 30 still believed within Syria or Iraq, many may be dead. Our previous estimates had 20 Norwegian mercenaries as dead but 30 may now be more likely.’

Bernsen further offered 3 scenarios responsible for the small ratio of mercenary rogues returning to Norway: ‘First, it’s very difficult for anyone to leave those areas. Second, these ‘soldiers’ know that they face arrest and possible lengthy prison sentences when they return to Norway. Third, many may have simply died.’

Advisor Bernsen also revealed the status of Norwegian women mercenaries who’ve given birth within Syria and Iraq and their resulting children, saying; ‘There are about 10 women who’ve left Norway and joined the caliphate, with about 10 children born and still (presumed) living within those regions. Total births may be higher now.’

Norwegian Police Security Service’s latest threat assessment sees potential threat from any returning rogue Norwegian mercenary seeking to connect with or resume contact with anyone fostering an extremist terror agenda.

Founded 1936, Norwegian Police Security Service is responsible for monitoring and and securing Norway’s national interests within borders and beyond.


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