Public Transportation is reduced in and around the capital

Illustration: RoutesTravel the app on mobileOslo.Illustration: RuterReise the app on mobile : Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Bus, tram, subway and boat routes are reduced in the Oslo area due to the Coronavirus epidemic. The change accounts for about 15 percent of public transport.

Routes indicate that the reduction in public transport is being done to keep traffic going.

“We prioritize important departures and want consistent traffic for everyone around the clock. Many important positions work shifts, and the reduced route offer takes this into account,” the company says.

The subway has added departures on lines 2 and 3, and line 1 runs only to Helsfyr. The tram changes from departures every 10 minutes to every 15 minutes, while there are fewer departures on most bus routes.

The route changes are valid from the 23rd of March.

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  1. Bus drivers and train conductors (who have probably already been exposed by now) should be wearing even just homemade MASKS for their passengers’ protection, and passengers – including if not especially children – shouldn’t be allowed on public transportation unless they are wearing some kind of masks … for the protection of others, including the drivers/conductors.

    The Center for Disease Control states “A facemask should be used by people who have COVID-19 and are showing symptoms. This is to protect others from the risk of getting infected.”

    … except, as Dr. Fauci testified to Congress: “What makes this virus especially tricky to contain is that it apparently can be spread by people who DO NOT KNOW they’re infected and are not yet showing symptoms of covid-19. That wasn’t the case with SARS,….”

    And the virus can take up to 14 days to show symptoms. Meanwhile, the infected are spreading it around with abandon … which is *why* it is spreading like wildfire … and is indeed going to overwhelm (if not decimate) health personnel and facilities, unless we all are made to wear some sort of facemask to inhibit it from doing that.

    If it gets out sneezed, coughed, or just breathed in quantity/droplets from infected people, the virus can last up to 3 hours in the air and estimates are 3-10 days on surfaces. (That was up to 17 days on surfaces on the cruise ships, I’ve read.)

    As to whether or not a generic mask protects the wearer, the Chinese certainly seem to think it does, and they’ve beaten the virus. In this early study of corona infection on a bus, South China Morning Post reports that those wearing masks on the bus were *not* infected.
    “Coronavirus can travel twice as far as official ‘safe distance’ and stay in air for 30 minutes, Chinese study finds”

  2. The Chinese *arrested* anyone who wasn’t wearing a facemask and was using digital technology to identify those who weren’t wearing masks, seen in closed circuit TV camera recordings.

  3. Althought the ticket price will continue after 26 of March, keeping one of the highest ticket price globally. Also, is not only to protect the drivers from coronavirus but passengers from exposed drivers too. Just a tape not to be close to driver don’t help,when I witnessed driver coughing and sneezes, of course with hands on wheels. Maybe a mask for them too?

  4. Absolutely, Passenger. As I wrote, a mask of some kind to catch the droplets for them too.

    If – when – people start dying and family and friends think they were infected by bus drivers and train conductors, I would expect their management to be held monetarily if not criminally responsible, if they aren’t having their people wearing protection.

    And, as I wrote, all of us passengers should be wearing masks for each other’s and *their* protection.

    Did you hear about Rema 1000 and other supermarkets installing big screens? (Staff in my Extra store have been wearing gloves, to their credit.) They can only help, but masks would help even and much more.

    Again, it’s not rocket science. Look at the Chinese.

    Take care.

  5. For Norway, it’s very shameful, that some people are still not follow up the guideline, rules and government lockdown, they still belonging very casually, hence everyone knows about coronavirus, but…..
    I have no word for those people who are very educated but they behave like Illiterate and idiot.
    It’s very shameful…
    The government should compile look down for the next two month, if they really want to save Norway’s people…

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