Man must atone for python incident

Python PythonsSeized Python awaiting its relocation to the Kristiansand Zoo. Photo: Anders Martinsen / NTB scanpix

Man sentenced to jail for offences related to his python and more

A man in his twenties is sentenced to seven months in prison by Bergen District Court for, among several offences, fondling a neighbouring woman who attempted to help the man’s python.

The woman has explained that she heard screaming and banging in the stairwell. She discovered the defendant holding a python that he was «throwing around», according to Bergens Tidende.

“The python snake was very aggravated and bit the defendant,” the verdict reads.

The woman allegedly took the python away and into the man’s apartment in order to put it back into its aquarium. The man then flashed in front of the woman, began to fondle her before attempting to pull her down to the floor. The incident should have happened in the summer of 2018.

The man is convicted of a number of serious threats, threatening and troublesome behaviour.

He acknowledged guilt to most counts. The perpetrator has, however, explained that he does not remember everything that happened. He refused to have flashed before the neighbour and to have felt her up. The man was, obviously, not believed by the Bergen District Court.

Threats to the police

The man was also sentenced for a long series of serious threats to several police officers. He threatened, among other things, to rape a policewoman, kill several others and to «take» their children. On top of the threats, He is found guilty of kicking a police officer in the head.

If that was not enough, the man also behaved threateningly at a McDonalds at the Lagunen shopping centre in Bergen. He, among other things, performed the Nazi salute in the restaurant. This incident happened in January of this year.

The aforementioned events allegedly took place between 2017 and 2019.

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