Red danger level at “the Man”

The little Man The Man Rauma Rock slideThe little Man (veslemannen) Photo: Rauma Municipality, Arnt Olav Hønsvik Herjehagen

Red danger level at “the Man” – residents evacuated

NVE has raised the danger level to red for the mountain area known as “the Man” in Romsdalen. Residents in the area are evacuated, and the NVE will try to provoke a rock slide.


– Precipitation in recent days has increased movement in the most active part of the mountain range. The movements were Wednesday night at 10 pm more than 42 mm / day, indicating red danger levels, says section head of the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE), Lars Harald Blikra.

The danger level was raised to orange Monday due to forecasts of indicating lost of rainfall, which was expected to arrive on Tuesday.

– After the residents who may be affected by a possible rock fall are evacuated, we will add water to Veslemannen (the little man) in hopes of improving the effect of the precipitation. The aim is to be able to trigger all or parts of Veslemannen, so that the burden on residents will be less in the future, says Blikra.

It is uncertain whether the water could help trigger a rock fall from Veslemannen. NVE however considers the experiment as valuable because it will provide more knowledge about the mountain area and the way it responses to added water.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today