Refugees at reception facilities in Bergen have no money to buy everyday essentials

BergenBergen, Norway. Photo: Daniel Tafjord / Unsplash

Many residents at the UDI’s emergency accommodation facilities in Bergen have not received money to buy essential goods. The UDI says they have initiated measures to address the issue.

According to the newspaper Bergensavisen, very few people who live in the UDI’s emergency accommodation in the Municipality have received money to buy goods, to which they have a right. 

Some have been staying in hotels temporarily since mid-March without having received a penny to spend on personal belongings.

Deputy Mayor of Bergen, Linn Kristin Engø (AP), says the lack of money makes an already unbearable situation even more demanding for the refugees. 

High priority

UDI Vest told the newspaper that it is a very high priority to get benefits paid to the residents in emergency accommodation.

“Due to a simplified registration process, there has been a need for manual review of the resident lists to ensure that the residents receive the correct payment,” Belén Birkenes, the head of the UDI West, stated.

Birkenes says the reception centers have been told to buy everything the residents need and that the UDI is working on alternative solutions to ensure the residents have the money they are entitled to.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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