Renewable energy covers 51% of energy consumption in Norway, report shows

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Renewable energy sources cover a total of 51% of energy consumption in Norway. Since 2010, the share has increased by 4%, according to the Fornybarometeret.

Despite Norway’s large renewable power resources, the country still uses a lot of fossil energy from oil and gas in transport and industry, the Fornybarometeret shows.

The figures in the report were presented in May by employer organization Energi Norge.

Norway has a target of cutting 50% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. To achieve this goal, electrification measures are among the most important instruments, according to Klimakur 2030.

According to the report, the transport industry has a renewable energy share of 14%. In this industry, 86% of fossil energy is used, especially in heavy transport, maritime transport, and aviation.

Growing uncertainty 

Industrial companies have a renewable share of 63%, while households are at the top with 72% energy consumption from renewable sources, including strong growth in private electric cars.

Due to the coronavirus situation, Energi Norge fears investment in the industry will come to a halt.

“With the downturn that we see in the Norwegian economy now, there is a danger that electrification will slow down. Therefore, we must focus more on emission-free solutions that will lead to emission cuts and more momentum in the economy,” Energi Norge CEO Knut Kroepelien warned in May.

Lost revenue

The renewable industry is also a major source of revenue for the public sector. 

But because the coronavirus crisis has led to the shutdown of business in Europe, leading to lower demand for power and low electricity prices, Energi Norge believes that the state and the municipality must expect that more than one third of the revenues from the renewable industry will disappear this year.

According to calculations from Vista Analysis, that could amount to NOK 24 billion in 2020 and more than NOK 14 billion in 2021.

“Converted into welfare benefits, the income loss equals 214,000 pupils in primary school or 27,000 nursing homes. That is serious for many municipalities, in addition to lost tax revenue from other businesses and increased costs,” Kroepelien noted at the time.

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