The sales of nicotine-free snuff triples


Steadily more people are choosing nicotine-free snus in an attempt to quit snuff and smoking. In just a few years, sales have more than tripled.


In 2013, less than 500,000 cans of nicotine free snuff were sold in Norway, while in 2017 about 1.6 million cans were purchased, VG writes.

The newspaper has talked to several experts and asked them to consider whether it is safe to use the nicotine-free snus.

“Based on what we know about the ingredients in nicotine free snus today, there is nothing harmful in it. But it has not been tested whether it has any long-term effects,” says Tobacco Director Karl Erik Lund at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

The content of nicotine-free snus is usually plant fibers, herbs, spices and flavors like liquorice or mint.

-“Snus without tobacco and nicotine is basically ok to use. However, some of the products may contain additives that may be harmful and not advised for pregnant women to use, for example such as ginseng. In addition, liquorice and salt unfortunately cause high blood pressure,” says Jakob Linhave, Director of the Department of Health.

Medical Director Steinar Madsen from the Norwegian Medicines Agency believes nicotine-free snus can be worth a try for those who would like to quit.

“I can safely say that it is not harmful to try. I have patients I would like them to stop using regular snuff and I think it would be useful to replace it with a less dangerous snuff, so the withdrawls won’t be as bad. Having snuff under the lip becomes a habit,” says Madsen to the newspaper.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today