Nav: – Social Security Benefit costs will sky rocket

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Nav estimates that Nav benefit payments in the year 2060 will increase to between 20 and 90 billion NOK from today’s payments.


The increase of 70 billion is the difference between a large increase of the retired population and a low growth rate in general population, NRK reports.

The conclusion of the new forecasts from Nav is that Norway needs many more citizens in work force.

“The weight of benefits will be greatest if growth in the population decreases. Then there are fewer who receive benefits, but also fewer who work. We are relatively the poorest country with population growth,” says section manager Ole Christian Lien from Nav.

It is the social security benefits for the retired population that will be the largest expense item for Nav’s future, while sickleave benefits, disability insurance and job settlement allowance according to NAV calculations will remain at a fairly stable level.

The Employers’ Association Spekter – which organizes government agencies such as the Post Service, Hospitals and NRK – hopes that the report will give the politicians a kick back and that they will ensure that those who can actually work more, do.

Managing Director of Spekter, Anne-Kari Bratten, believes that both sick leave and disability may decrease.”Young people have to start working earlier and seniors have to work longer before retiring,” she says to NRK.

SVs Karin Andersen thinks that, that will not be so easy.

“It does not help to cut social security benefits, to get more people in the work force. Working life must also provide space for people who want and can work. Then to create a prejudice against people who are struggling,” she says.


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  1. Nations with small populations that make decisions that they do not want substantial migration will inevitably face this situation. NORWAY is a classical example of what happens when one decides “we don’t want many immigrants, they will damage our culture etc etc”. Unfortunately the debate never highlights the enormous benefits that great migration nations receive, look at CANADA, NEW ZEALAND and probably the best example AUSTRALIA. They are all exciting countries to live in with their amazing multi cultural experiences.

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