School bus crashes into bedroom

School busSchool bus crashed into bedrooms.Photo: Oliver Eirheim / Hitra Frøya / NTB scanpix

A woman at Hitra got quite the awakening when a school bus crashed into her bedroom wall and broke the bedroom window.


At 8:24, the police in Trøndelag ot the report that a bus had crashed into a house at Hestvika on Hitra.

“The bus hit the corner of the house which is a bedroom where a woman was sleeping,” Lillian Arill Sollie told the local newspaper Hitra-Frøya.

“The woman was in the room when the bus crashed into the house breaking the window and the woman got the window glass over her. She is was being taken care of by health personnel,” Sollie announced to NRK.

The bus was empty of students and the driver was unharmed, but both the house and the bus suffered considerable damage. The bus apparently also hit a car that was parked outside, according to local newspaper.

The road was very icy and the bus lost control when trying to drive through the tight curve in the road which is next to the house.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today