Security guard strike: Norway’s oil industry sounds the alarm and warns of “serious consequences”

Anniken HaugliePhoto: Lise Åserud / NTB

The employers’ organization Norwegian Oil and Gas believes that the security guard strike could cost several hundred million kroner a week moving forward.

Security guards have been taken out on strike at heliports along the coast, making changing guards more difficult at the oil platforms. 

Additionally, projects under development are affected.

“We are pressing the big alarm button now, because the consequences are very serious for the Norwegian continental shelf, both for personnel and operations,” head of Norwegian Oil and Gas Anniken Hauglie told E24.

According to the e-newspapers, the strike could lead to around 5,000 Equinor employees not getting to or from the installations out at sea. 

That means, among other things, that around 450 workers will not be able to get out to the Martin Linge or Johan Sverdrup fields.

“If the start-up of those projects is delayed, it will result in a loss of NOK 900 million per week,” Hauglie said.

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