Majority in Norwegian parliament against placing young people in nursing homes: “It must be banned”

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The practice of placing young people in institutions for the elderly against their will has become common in several municipalities. Now, more politicians want to ban the practice.

Despite the fact that the Norwegian parliament (Storting) has repeatedly decided that children and young people, as well as people under the age of 50, should not be able to be placed in nursing homes, several municipalities still have the practice – especially when it comes to young people with special needs.

Now there is a majority in the Storting that wants to regulate and set forward a ban on this practice, according to newspaper VG.

“Must be banned”

“Placing young people in nursing homes must be banned. A legal ban is needed for the municipalities to stop this practice,” Storting politician Kari Kjønaas Kjos (FRP) said. 

“I have seen the different follow-up that young people with special care needs receive, depending on which municipality they live in.

“And I have seen that when municipalities place children and young people in nursing homes, it is about a lack of will or competence,” Kjos told VG .

She believes that the previous Storting decisions have gaps that allow the municipalities to continue the practice. 

Nine children under the age of 18 and 94 people between the ages of 18 and 49 currently live in an institution for the elderly, according to figures from the Norwegian Directorate of Health. 

“Broad agreement”

While three of the minor children wanted to move, 24 of the young people and adults wanted another home, according to the newspaper.

“I am glad that there is broad agreement that we will now put in place a legal regulation,” Minister of Health Bent Høie (H) told VG.

But there is still a long way to go before a decision can be made. 

The Ministry of Health and Care Services must first prepare a bill, which in turn must be sent back to the Storting for a decision. 

A decision on a ban can thus come next autumn at the earliest.

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