Seven out of ten support the liquor ban from midnight

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71 percent of those polled in an opinion poll support the decision to impose a full liquor ban across the country at midnight.

As shown by the Norwegian Corona Monitor, who asked 1,490 Norwegians their opinion on the decision the government took on the 7th of August to introduce a liquor ban after midnight throughout the country.

18 percent do not support the decision, while 11 percent are unsure. Support for the liquor ban after midnight is at its highest in Central Norway with 74 percent, followed by Eastern Norway and Western Norway. The proportion who support the decision is at its lowest in Agder, Vestfold, and Telemark with 64 percent. 70 percent support the decision in the capital. 

In terms of age distribution, 64 percent of those surveyed under the age of 30 support the new measures, while as many as 79 percent of those served over 70 do so. More women  (74%) than men (68%) support the decision. 

-”Regardless of age, most people support the liquor ban, and this also applies to the younger and so-called young adults who have given a lot of resistance in the past by partying.”, says Senior Advisor, Nora Clausen, of Opinion. 

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  1. As always, Democracy leading to the tyranny of the majority over individual freedom.

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