Several have joined the pledge lottery of one million in Skånevik

Norwegian kroner State BudgetNorwegian kroner. Photo: Pixabay

Red Cross still has not found the person who won one million pledge lottery in Skånevik in Sunnhordland in September.

In late September someone ask for the pledge of bottles at Spar Skånevik but left pant machine without checking the patch that came out of the machine.

The patch showed that the someone had won one million.
Two weeks later mortgaged lottery not found the winner, but many people are approached to see if they can be the winner of one million, writes NRK news.

– But no one is qualified so far to be the right recipient of million prize, says CEO Pant Lottery, Gaute Langdal.

He says it must be very good evidence to be paid million gain, and that they must be one hundred percent sure it is the right person who gets cashed.

Pant Lottery knows both time pledge took place and what was the collateral.

– To meet the strict one must at least be able to answer this correctly, says Langdal.

If they could not find the winner within 90 days, prize will accrue to Red Cross.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today