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Several Nav employees accused annually of snooping

NAV disability taxNAV logo. Photo Norway Today Media


In February a section manager in NAV was  removed from service after the person in question had been discovered to be looking at personal information he was not allowed to access. But the manager is not the only who has let curiosity get the better of him.

The agency would not say how many of their employees who stand accused of inspecting personal data that they are not authorized to access, but knowledge director Yngvar Åsholt in Nav confirms to NRK news that several such cases come up each year.
– The explanation that we hear most often is that the person did it out of curiosity. The person in question enters the system in order to check whether celebrities or people in his community have a connection to Nav, Åsholt says.

OAG has on several occasions criticized the information security of the NAV. And in mid-April this year Nav announced  that they have hired external help to go over the access controls of the employees.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today