Shocking rape case in England

Warwick Crown CourtWarwick Crown Court

When a father heard that his teenage daughter was a lesbian, he raped her, claiming ‘to show that it was better to have sex with men.’

The 54-year-old father, from Coventry in England, was sentenced to 21 years imprisonment in Warwick Crown Court, reported the The Coventry Telegraph.

The man had not previously admitted guilt on nine charges of sexual assault, and rape of children. The court believes that the man committed sexual offences against his two daughters over a period of 20 years.

When one of his daughters told her father that she was a lesbian, he brutally raped her, ‘to show that it was better to have sex with men than women,’ according to the judge.

‘The court heard from both these women. They have both received serious psychological damage due to your behavior. To hear that one of the women felt guilty for leaving her sister in your vicinity, was the most harrowing evidence’, said judge in the case, Andrew Lockhart, to the convicted man.

He sentenced the 54-year-old to 21 years in prison.He will also be registered as a sex offender for life.

‘Over a period of 21 years, you committed serious sexual abuse against both of your daughters’, said the judge.

Abuses against one of his daughters started when she was 11 years old and lasted for a period of three years.

‘It affected her terribly. She left home and thought that her sister would be safe because she thought that you would never touch her in the same way. But you did the same against your other daughter, said Lockhart.

When the second daughter was 16, she came out as a lesbian.

‘You reacted to the news by demonstrating uncontrolled anger, and you decided to rape her to show her why it would be better to have sex with men than with women. The evidence was shocking to hear.

The rape included degradation and humiliation, and the crime showed your hostility toward her as a lesbian’, said Lockhart.

The sexual offences against the daughters, and the rape, took place in the 1980s and 1990s, said the man’s lawyer, Sally Hancox, and advocated giving him a shorter sentence.

She pointed out that several years had passed since he committed the crimes, but that did not play a part in the High Court ruling.

‘The victims in this terrible affair have shown unbelievable courage by speaking out and making sure that this evil perpetrator is held responsible.

It is vital that they now receive the support they need in trying to get ahead in life. This case shows that abuse victims will be heard no matter how long ago it happened, or who the perpetrator was.

They do not need to suffer in silence’, said a spokesperson for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) to the Coventry Telegraph


Source: Dagbladet / Norway Today