Snow in Oslo on May 1st

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Snow in Oslo on May 1st

If you are participating in the May parade this year, it may be worth bringing your umbrella along. In the south, it will be cold and wet on May 1st with likelihood of some snow in the mix, while the whole northern parts of Norway will be bathed in sunshine.


After a couple of sunny days in the capital there will be snow in Oslo in the morning of May 1st, the Meteorological Institute reports on their Twitter page.

– There is no good news for the May 1st weather in store for the south. Early in the day in Oslo, it will be around 0 degrees centigrades before it slowly rises to about 4-5 degrees through the day, says meteorologist Magny Svanevik to NTB.

It is therefore a rainy May 1st to look forward to for those living in the southeastern part of the country.

Precipitation in the south

Due to a low pressure coming in from the south, there is an opportunity for both sleet and snow in the inner parts of eastern Norway on Tuesday. On Monday evening, the clouds will gather, and the night before May 1st, there will be relatively low temperatures throughout southern Norway.

– Tuesday will be the coldest day of the week before the temperatures rise a bit over the weekend, but with a lot of gray weather and precipitation in store there will be no pleasant weather in Eastern Norway this week, says Svanevik.

From Lindesnes in the extreme south and all the way up to Nord-Trøndelag it will be pretty bad all day on May Day. In western Norway, temperatures will be higher than in the east, and precipation will mostly come down as rain, according to the Meteorological Institute.

Sun throughout northern Norway

In the north, there will be more to enjoyable to be. From Nordland and north to Finnmark there will be wind will blow from the inland towards the coast and sunny weather.

– Northern Norway will be the big winner on May 1st this year. With a high pressure and fine weather, it will feel quite warm and nice to be outside, says Svanevik.

Nordland marks the border between good and bad weather. From Nordland and all the way up to Vadsø there will be shimmering Sun all day.

– There may be some snow showers in some parts of Finnmark at the start of the day, but otherwise it looks really good for the north, both on May Day, and for the rest of the week, says Svanevik.


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