Stavanger couples risk prison for human trafficking

Stavanger Tingrett Stavanger District Court. Pyromaniac Police Officer defiling Gulating MurdererStavanger District Court. Photo: Norway Today Media

The prosecution believes a man in his 40s and his wife in his 30s exploited four Indian chefs for forced labor in the restaurant they operated in Stavanger.

In the district court, the couple were sentenced in January to two years and two months and a year and a half respectively for human trafficking and forced labor, writes Stavanger Aftenblad.

The verdict was appealed to Gulating Magistrate’s Court, where Attorney General Tore Kulstad on Tuesday made a claim for sentencing almost equal to the judgments of the district court.

The couple, who together run an Indian restaurant, refused the most serious charges against them.

Police began to investigate the couple in 2014 after three employees reported serious violations of employment and pay. A few days later, on December 13, the Labor Inspectorate took action and the police arrested the couple.

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