Socialist Left Party leaves government coalition talks

Audun LysbakkenPhoto: Annika Byrde / NTB

The Socialist Left Party (SV) is leaving the red-green three-party coalition talks, SV leader Audun Lysbakken confirmed on Wednesday. 

The party has been discussing potential collaboration with the Labor Party (AP) and the Center Party (SP) for days.

“We are very disappointed that there is no basis for a red-green government in this round (of the talks). Since the election, we have worked hard for a government that reduces the differences (in Norwegian society) and takes strong action against the climate and nature crisis,” Lysbakken said.

He pointed out that the SV has always been clear on its priorities – a comprehensive policy for fair distribution (in society) and climate and nature issues. 

“It is because we see that the result in these areas would be too weak that we now go into opposition and fight for these issues in the Norwegian parliament (Storting),” Lysbakken stated.


The SV can achieve a better policy for its voters in opposition than by participating in government on the terms that have been clarified during the preliminary talks, according to the SV leader.

“Accepting these (terms) would mean that we would disappoint people who are concerned about a powerful change of pace for climate, nature, and fair distribution. Now, the SV will go into the opposition, without commitments to the upcoming Labor-led government,” he said.

No majority

With the SV out of the process, the most likely outcome is a minority government based on the AP and the SP, which have a total of 76 of the Storting’s 169 seats.

The SV will act constructively if the government tries to get its support for a majority. However, it will be free to raise all issues, including those that were problematic through the coalition talks, Lysbakken emphasized.

“THe SV will, at any time in the four-year period, be open to negotiating the formation of a red-green majority government. The condition will be a blank slate for the negotiations,” he concluded.

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  1. But – crucially – who will be the foreign minister in this minority government?

    Emmanuel Macron Bonaparte wants a European army … to side-step the American veto against Europeans starting another “European” – world – war. (The bored-with-peace Swedes are craving war.)

    Any NATO member country joining a European army should be expelled from NATO, and if NATO won’t do that we Americans should get out of NATO.

    This isn’t rocket science.

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