The State highly critical of the District Court’s Behring Breivik verdict

Terrorist Sentenced Anders Behring BreivikTerrorist sentenced Anders Behring Breivik.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

‘Oslo District Court made a number of errors in its assessment of the evidence, and looked at matters pertaining to Anders Behring Breivik from a completely erroneous standpoint’, said the Attorney General.

Not only had the district court had ‘an improper perspective’ in its assessment of Breivik’s prison conditions, it also made a highly inadequate assessment of the evidence.

The Attorney General offered these conclusions in his closing statement in advance of the Borgarting Court of Appeal’s consideration of the lawsuit the convicted terrorist quickly brought against the State.

Oslo District Court agreed with Anders Behring Breivik’s claim that parts of the prison conditions in Ila and in Skien prison entailed violations of human rights prohibitions against inhuman and degrading treatment.

The State was acquitted of allegations that its correctional regime infringed Breivik’s right to privacy.

The State, and Breivik, have appealed the respective points; and therefore, the complex situation will come up again when the Court of Appeal starts the appeal hearing on January 10.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today