Statistics Norway: High proportion of 14-year-olds charged with violence and abuse

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Last year, almost 300,000 criminal offenses were investigated in Norway – a small increase compared to the last three years. But 14-year-olds stand out.

“14-year-olds stood out very much in 2020,” criminologist Reid Jone Stene told the newspaper Aftenposten. He is responsible for statistics on criminal offenses in Statistics Norway (SSB).

Among the perpetrators in 2020, 3,055 children committed crimes before they turned 15 years old. Half of them were 14 years old, and almost a third was 13 years old when the offenses occurred, the SSB figures show.

The age group has had the most accused of both damage and theft for a long time. This applies in particular to the less serious offenses, such as shoplifting. But in the last three years, this also applies to violence and abuse.

“14-year-olds make up a small proportion of all those arrested for offenses. But the unique thing is that if you look at each age group, then the highest proportion of registered perpetrators of damage, theft, violence, abuse, and sexual offenses can be found among 14-year-olds,” Stene said.

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