Full stop in air traffic – Network down

Widerøe STOL cancellation TrafficFlight delays. Photo: Pixabay.com

Full stop in air traffic in Norway – Network down

Air traffic in Norway is stopped due to problems with a computer network that supplies Avinor with information. It is unclear how long it will take to correct the error.


Oslo Airport Gardermoen reports about the halted traffic via Facebook:

«Important message to our travellers: The computer network that provides Avinor’s systems with information on flights in Norwegian airspace is down. The fault lies outside Norway and leads to very limited capacity in air traffic. All departures and arrivals are halted until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. We will return with more information as soon as possible.»

Problem in England

Avinor states that they will issue continuous updates on their websites about the incident and what consequences it has.

«We ask passengers to relate to this information as well as information they receive from their airline,» Avinor states in a press release.

Communication Manager at Avinor, Gurli Ulverud, tells NTB that the problem lies in England.

“We know that the computer system is down there, but we don’t know what the error is. We are, naturally, working to rectify this, but we do not know how long it will take until the error is found and corrected,” Ulverud informs.

Some exceptions

“We have asked if this applies to other countries as well, but the message is that only Norway is affected. This system provides information on all flights in Norwegian airspace. Air traffic controllers and control centres depend on this. As long as we do not receive this information, we have to halt the traffic,” Ulverud explains, adding:

“There may be some exceptions, but at best it will be extremely limited capacity. There is a complete halt in both foreign and domestic traffic in practical terms.”

A Widerøe plane from Kirkenes and Vadsø landed as normal in Alta at 6 am. Ten minutes later Thai Airways’ flight from Bangkok landed at Gardermoen. There are also some aircraft that will only pass through Norwegian airspace on their way to and from other countries.

The flight problem is solved – there will be some delays

The technical problems that led to a complete halt in air traffic in the morning hours have now been resolved, Avinor reports. There will be some delays.

About one hour passed from Oslo Airport reported about the problems on Facebook before the update came that they were resolved.

«The traffic is as normal, but there will be some follow-up delays throughout the day,» Avinor writes.

According to Avinor’s overview, there were no scheduled departures from Oslo airport due to the technical problems, but five departures have been given new times.

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