Summer is not finished yet

Summer in KragerøSummer in Kragerø.Photo: Marianne Løvland / NTB scanpix

The end of August is fast approaching, but the meteorologists stated that summer is not completely over. 

-”In the south there is a little wind and rain today, but it must not make people believe that summer is over. There will still be some pleasant temperatures ahead, with up to 20 degrees and sun in southern Norway.”, said the state meteorologist, Charalampos Sarchosidis, of the Meteorological Institute of Tromsø to NTB on Wednesday. 

The coming days offer the same weather as we have today, without any dramatic differences. 

Morning fog

-”There is neither a strong low pressure or high pressure waiting. The weather will be a bit of both and usable. There will be scattered rain showers in the south and north, followed by some sunshine. It will definitely be possible to see the sun inj the coming days, and it is the eastern mountains that will experience the most sunshine.”, Sarchosidis said.

The temperatures in Southern Norway will be around 17 to 20 degrees during the day. 

Most people have probably noticed, however, that it is not as warm anymore in the morning and evenings. 

-”We have seen alot of morning fog lately since it is cooler in the morning. This is not something we see in July. It is more of an August phenomenon, when the sun does not get to shine as long, the state meteorologist explained. 

Wind in the south

In Northern Norway, it is significantly cooler with around 8 degrees in Tromsø on Wednesday. Here, the next period will be characterized by offshore winds, which brings cool winds from the sea. A temperature of 8-12 degrees is expected in the coming days in Northern Norway. 

The weather in Central Norway will be fine up to Saturday, with temperatures of up to 16-17 degrees. Sunday however, will be a soaking day with rain.  

Western Norway should expect showers in the interior, but temperatures will reach 19-20 degrees when the sun is shining, The meteorologist said. 

Sørlandet will be quite windy on Saturday. 

-”But then it will be good again. There is low pressure over Denmark that is barely coming to Norway. There will not be much precipitation, but the wind and moderate rain in the far south, but then it will be better again on Sunday.”, Charlampos Sarchosidis said. 

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