Super Moon in mid-November

MoonMoon.Photo: Berit Roald / Scanpix

Tomorrow, the phenomenon known as ‘Supermoon’ will again be seen in the night sky.

On Monday, November 14, the distance between Earth and the Moon will be reduced by 50,000 kilometres.

The phenomenon occurs when there is a correlation between the full moon and the smallest distance between the earth and moon.

According to National Geographic magazine, we must go back to 1948 to find a full moon that was so close to our own planet.

A super moon may be as much as 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than a normal full moon. Weather permitting, the large moon will be visible over Norway.

If you cannot get an opportunity to see the phenomenon, it will be a long time until you get another chance. According to NASA, the next opportunity will come on November 25, 2034.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today