Survey result: Norway is not the best country in the world anymore

Jessheim, 17 MayJessheim, 17 May. Photo: Norway Today Media

In a survey of living conditions run by Social Progress Imperative, Norway lost its position from first to seventh place since last year. The place of order changed with Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

Social Progress Index does not look at economic conditions but concentrates instead basic needs like food and water as well as security and crime, knowledge access, health, education and political and personal freedom, reported NRK news.

Although Norway is a safe country with low crime, good access to clean water and many online and mobile users, our position this year was overtaken by our neighbors in the Nordic countries at living rankings where 133 countries are examined.

Finland is on top of the list. Many overweight, high suicide rate, and expensive homes are among the factors that make Norway losing its position. There are small margins between the countries that score highest.
Anders Barstad, who conducts research on living conditions from Statistics Norway (SSB), believes that it should not worry us.

– The distance to the top is very small! The top ten countries are about the same, he said to NRK news.
– What we see is that we are making progress in many areas but the other countries may have a little more progress, said by general manager Aase Aamdal Lundgaard at Deloitte which is helping to fund the study.

Central African Republic, Afghanistan, and Chad are worst positioned in the survey.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


2 Comments on "Survey result: Norway is not the best country in the world anymore"

  1. Does anyone really take any notice of this nonsense?? It’s all relative to the things you hold most important in life surely and this varies greatly from person to person, does anyone judge how nice a place is to live on the basis of a survey,…?

  2. Hakon Vinje | 30. June 2016 at 04:24 |

    You suicide claim is absolute nonsense. I am appalled of this perpetuation of a myth – because that is all it is. Of the top 7, only Canada had a lower suicide rate. Please, don’t write rubbish. Very disappointing journalism not to check the facts.

    Suicide deaths pr 100,000:
    Finland 16.34
    Canada: 10.46
    Switzerland: 12.89
    Denmark: 10.92
    Norway: 10.6

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