Sweden: Löfven proposed as prime minister – again

Stefan LöfvenPhoto: Jonas Ekstromer / TT / NTB

Andreas Norlén, the Speaker of the Swedish parliament (Riksdag), will propose Stefan Löfven as the prime minister – again.

Norlén made the announcement after the Center Party said that it would support Löfven as head of a new government.

Löfven confirmed that he would set forward a government with the Green Party, i.e., the same coalition that was defeated in a no-confidence vote recently.

Norlén: No democracy crisis

Norlén says Sweden has a democracy in change, but not in crisis. He also clarified that he could not call new elections at the moment. First, the speaker’s prime ministerial candidates would have to be rejected four times in the Riksdag. 

“From the very beginning, this has been a term of office unlike any other in Swedish politics. It began as early as 2018, followed by a record-breaking 134 days to form a government, and then the pandemic struck,” the speaker said.

No clear support

However, it is not clear whether Löfven has enough support to get a new government approved. He does not need a majority in the Riksdag – it will be enough that there are more of those who vote in favor of the new government than those who oppose it. 

It is also not clear whether everyone in the Riksdag will vote in line with the party line in a possible vote. Liberal leader Nyamko Sabuni says she can not guarantee that the entire parliamentary group will vote against Stefan Löfven. 

The vote can be held on Wednesday at the earliest, but it is also possible that Löfven will ask for more time. 

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