Sweden recommends testing after trips to Spain

Anders TegnellPhoto: Fredrik Sandberg / TT News Agency via REUTERS

Sweden is experiencing an increasing number of cases of coronavirus infection after trips abroad outside the Nordic region. The country now recommends more testing, the newspaper Aftonbladet reports.

Sweden still has recommendations or requests, not mandatory orders, as is the case in Norway and other countries.

At Monday’s press conference, state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell said that an unknown spread of infection has been observed at certain tourist destinations and that a certain number of Swedes have begun to return home from these places.

Great significance

“This becomes quite important when we otherwise have such a small spread of the virus itself (in Sweden),” Tegnell said.

The health authorities state that the increasing spread in certain parts of the world and Europe is due to relief in measures and the more contagious delta variant. 

Spain is a country that has been singled out as a popular destination for Swedish tourists that is seeing growing infection numbers.

Everyone who enters Sweden from Spain, including Swedish citizens, is recommended to take a PCR test on arrival.

Many exceptions

However, there are several exceptions. Anyone who has been vaccinated at least three weeks before arrival in Sweden, or people who have had COVID-19 during the last six months, is exempt from the testing request. This also applies to fully vaccinated people.

Travelers from a number of countries, including Norway, also fall into the category of exceptions.

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