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Customs at Svinesund – hashish and food

Customs Svinesund cannabis drugs drug hashHash seizure. Illustration Photo: Tolletaten.

Stopped by Customs at Svinesund with 11 kilograms of hashish in the car.

The Customs at Svinesund became suspicious when they stopped two Norwegians night before May 5th.

Drug Dog Ollie rapidly smelled his way to a bag that was attempted hidden in the trunk of the car.

Here the customs officials found 11 kg of hashish.

East police district took care of the drugs and the suspects and investigate the smuggling.

Customs officials at Svinesund seized 560 kilograms of meat products and 17 kilograms of cheese on April 26.

The customs at Svinesund made two confiscations of meat products on April 26. First, the customs officers found 320 kilos of chicken fillets and 17 kilos of cheese in a Norwegian-registered vehicle driven by a Syrian citizen (40). He was stopped after driving over the old Svinesund bridge into Norway.

That same evening, a customs patrol stopped an Estonia-registered passenger car that also drove county road 118 across the former Svinesund Bridge to Norway. The customs found 240 kg unmarked beef in the car, which was driven by an estlender (38).

© Tolletaten / Norway Today

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